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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WeB PaGe AuThORiNg SoFtWaRe ...

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You do not need to learn HTML to develop a web page ... It is better if you learn HTML to manage the website ... You can use web page authoring software to create sophisticated Web pages that include images , video , audio , animation , and other effects .

Web page authoring software generates HTML tags from your web page design . With the Web page authoring software , you can view or modify the HTML associated with a Web page . Sometimes , you may add an HTML tag that the Web page authoring software does not provide . Learning HTML basics will enable you to fine - tune Web page formats created with authoring software . Four popular Web page authoring pragrams are Dreamweaver , Expression Web , Flash and Silverlight .

DREAMWEAVER ( please recognize of your operation system before you download it )

by Adobe Systems , is a Web page authoring program that allows Web developers to create , maintain , and manage professional Web sites . Some features of Dreamweaver include its visual environment , use of cascading style sheets , capability of manipulating code , built - in graphics editor ( called Fireworks ) , and XML support .

P / S : You can buy the original product for best features ... I make a website using this original product

Expression Web

Expression Web is Microsoft's Web page authoring program that enables Web developers to create professional , dynamic , interactive Web sites . Expression Web requires the Microsoft .NET Framework and supports HTML , DHTML , XHTML , XML , JavaScript , and cascading style sheets . It also integrates with Visual Studio .

P / S : I think it is the best Web page authoring software but you must buy it if you want to use . You can install the free trial ... Ingat nak pakai yang ini , sekali "ana" tak jumpalah dia punya pirate version ... per daa


by Adobe Systems , is a Web page authoring program that enables Web developers to combine interactive content with text , graphics , audio and video . Features of Flash include its animation and interactive tools , professional video capabilities , easy deployment to mobile devices such as smart phones and XML support .

P / S : I confused with Adobe Flash product ... so many ... that link , correct me if I wrong okay ...


Silverlight by Microsoft , is a Web page authoring program that also enables Web developers to combine interactive content with text , graphics , audio , and video . Based on the .NET Framework , Silverlight works with a variety of languages including JavaScript , Ruby , C# , and Visual Basic .

P / S : Just download , not use it yet ... hehehe

To sum up , "ana" nak bagi tahu korang yang "ana" baru delete Dreamweaver ... Nih baru habis download Silverlight sebab dia free . tapi "ana" belom godeh lagi itu silverlight ... huhuh ... kalau expression web free , dah lama "ana" rembat yang itu ... haih , geram tol ...

source : Discovering Computers 2009 Complete by Shelly Vermaat ...


Hafiz said...

kalao aku nak wat website leh la upah ko . aku tak tahu sangat bab dreamwever,flash ni, kalau HTML tau la, tapi HTML takleh wat secantik flash.

ghost_MaR said...

HTML leh cantik klu ad CSS ...
nk lg best , guna XHTML sbb yg tuh dh d'gabung kn dgn HTML + XML ... lg modern r klu guna tuh ... XHTML + CSS ... mmg cun ... tp ak x expert r code2 nih ... ak wat pn tgk buku , tutorial kt blog & kwn2 yg genius code kt YM ...

ak leh knl kn ko dgn bdk2 yg terror code ... ko nk ???